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Intervention in
furniture in a
single-family house
Hand over:


In this beautiful house, Cornisa, we have only intervened with the furniture, giving the spaces, exactly what the customer wanted, a casual image, with a little mix of modern, industrial and ethnic style.

The aim is to create a fusion of the outdoors with the indoors. As it is immersed in the middle of nature, we want to maintain a relaxed atmosphere; even though the continent and the content have nothing to do with each other. Hence, the fusion of styles.

Taking into account some of the pieces provided by the property, we created a combination of lines, textures, colours and different pieces to give each of the rooms a welcoming, casual and harmonious atmosphere.

Wide and open
Style fusion:
Mediterranean, Nordic,

industrial, vintage

and a touch of rustic

together with

some classic

‘Mix’ in the use of furniture, to give a bit of an unbalanced, industrial image. Everything is then harmonised with the materials. We have used stone, iron and wood, both on the outside and in the inside.

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