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Palma Music

Comprehensive design
of a recording studio
in the centre of
Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca
Hand over:
RM arquitectura
Islabau Constructora


The layout consists of closed and acoustically isolated spaces, very separate from each other. The property sought a very Mediterranean style, somewhat resembling the beach, in order to attract artists from colder countries to Mallorca to record their music in a more discerning and relaxed atmosphere.

To achieve this concept, and bearing in mind that the building is a new construction, the aim was to make it look like a renovated old house. To do this, a false stone wall has been built with a marés arch, imitating many old Mallorcan houses.

and casual style,

looking for a touch

of sophistication

A recording studio needs perfect acoustic insulation. For this, ‘Bornelo’, together with a prestigious London studio, analyzed different materials in order to find those that meet the necessary acoustic requirements, as well as the aesthetic requirements for the style of the project.

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